About Us

About Us – Who, or what is One Universal Circle? One Universal Circle is a collective collaboration of Health Enthusiast and blog writers with the understanding that Health and Wellness is more than just what we put in our bodies, exercising, or mental awareness, but that health and wellness extends to our mind, body, soul, children, the global environment, and our loved ones. We also like to support individuals, groups, and organizations with their causes. We make the promise to our friends and readers to only offer premium, highest-quality information, and products that can be gathered from the Universe. We are dedicated to providing and sharing our brothers, sisters, and everyone in-between with the ultimate “Life Weapons”.

In “The Shop” we have combined affiliated items to assist our readers in obtaining the above mentioned. Purchases of these items are in no way mandatory, but it does assist the writers and columnists with the cost of keeping One Universal Circle afloat and is greatly appreciated.

Meet our Team:

Anna M. Smith | Co-Founder, Managing Editor, Professional Photographer, Mother, Usborne Consultant, Writer, and an Ambassador of Good Health renowned for her love of children’s education.   She loves to travel, Books, Entertaining, and enjoys a great Craft Beer.

Nova Mae-Kirkova | Lead Writer, Author, Parent, and Health Enthusiast dedicated to providing our readers with the most accurate wellness information that can be researched. She loves dance, rare flowers and plant species, Yoga, and a multitude of Crystals.

Ryan A. Smith | Founder, Editor in Chief, Marshall Artist, Writer, Father, Ambassador of Good Health, and Studying Metaphysician. He loves bonsai trees, a plethora of music, and has an odd Burrito Fetish.