How To Cut Your Own Hair

Here is a short video clip of “How To Cut Your Own Hair” (The Bald Fade). With the emergence of the Virus COVID-19, A.K.A. the Corona Virus; many of the Worlds populations have been asked or in some cases ordered to stay within the confines of their own home, or dwelling.

Along with that comes many pros and cons. Let’s talk about a few cons; One of many cons is that if you are unable to groom yourself in a proper manner, and when you finally do get back to your place of work you may resemble that of a cave man, or at the very least appear to be out of touch with today’s fashion.

Another con is that being separated from the rest of society may have left you feeling like personal grooming doesn’t matter. In fact; it actually doesn’t from our perspective. What really matters is how you see yourself. But like Mom always said, “Always make yourself presentable”.

Now; let’s talk about a few pros. Being quarantined has probably given you more time with your family? Doing the normal 9 to 5 so-to-speak, has been broken, and you may find that you have gotten to spend more time with your loved ones? This has given you time to bond with your young ones, if you have them, or given you a chance to reinforce your kinship with your significant other.

Either that or you may have found that the person you thought you knew, you have discovered a deeper level to them? Or in some cases you didn’t know at all.

In either case, we find that you always feel better about yourself when you look your best. Our writer Ryan made a short video on how to cut your own hair during this quarantine. Please like, share, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We hope you enjoy….Cheers!

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