Book Of The Week

Book Of The Week

“The Best of the Barefoot Farmer Vol II”

by – Jeff Poppen

Tennessee’s well-known barefoot gardening farmer invites you to his Long Hungry Creek Farm to learn, live and laugh through these weekly chronicles. Jeff Poppen’s enthusiasm for local food stems from 35+ years of organic farming.

Modern methods and old-time wisdom merge in this informative, yet highly readable book. Let him inspire you to grow and make that deeper connection to self-sustaining foods from lovingly enriched soils.

Chapter 3 – Laying the Garden By – “It’s the thousands of different species of underground life forms that make the soil what I call intelligent or sensitive. They remain dormant until needed. They wake up when their particular food source is present. What do they eat? Microbes live on root exudates, the stuff that sloughs off of roots as they grow. They ensure their specific food source thrives.”

Chapter 7 – We Can Grow All Our Own Food – “The huge movement of conscious people making a change in American agriculture excites me, especially the amount of young people getting involved.
If the USDA food programs in schools, prisons, hospitals, and welfare change to organic, then many of our country’s abandoned farms and rural ghost towns will spring to life.
When folks refuse corporate food, small farms will sprout and food will be abundant.
Gardens can be easily grown, and there will be no lack of good things to eat.
I not only think we can feed ourselves and each other, I know we can.”

Enjoy the many Rudolf Steiner quotes:
“I grew up entirely out of the peasant folk, and in my spirit have always remained there. As I look back on my own life, I must say the most valuable farmer is not the large farmer, but the small peasant farmer who himself as a little boy worked on the farm. In my life, this will serve me far more than anything I have subsequently undertaken. I have always considered what the peasants and farmers thought about their things far wiser than what the scientists were thinking.”

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