Fight For The Forgotten

Always Great to see a Fight for a Great Cause!

Fight For The Forgotten is an organization started by MMA Fighter and Activist Justin Wren. After battling depression in his youth, he has now dedicated his life to literally fighting for the forgotten tribe of the Mbuti Pygmies deep in the Jungles of the Congo, who many have dubbed the most bullied and oppressed people in the world. This tribe has been overrun by disease, economic enslavement, and the theft of their homes by armed rebels and other local tribes.

Today, Justin has reinstated over 3,000 acres of land to the Mbuti Pygmies tribe with the help of 1500 members of the formerly enslaved peoples. They now have access to their own farmland, clean water, and a fresh start. Affectionately now known amongst the tribespeople as Justin “The Big Pygmy”, he continues his fight not only in the ring, but for those who are bullied, and for those without a voice.

Justin has relentlessly poured his heart, soul, and health into teaming up with such organizations like TAK Water Uganda, and has helped to bring now over 61 wells for over 3200 people for those who are without clean water in over eight villages in the Buluwe Parish. “The Big Pygmy” has been diagnosed with malaria over three times, and he is currently infected with an unknown illness, but his refusal to back down, reflective of his actions in the ring, is a true testament of his will and more than worthy of note. Talk about having a huge heart!

But this was not simply a “touch-and-go” operation for Tak Water Uganda and Justin. They further educated the Men, Women, and Children in these communities to maintain the wells, proper health practices and hygiene for a better life. A committee formed and ran by the women of these eight communities are responsible for maintaining the funds for spare parts provided by each household, and communicating with Tak Water for their expertise should it be required.

Justin “The Big Pygmy” has also partnered with Bellator MMA, Cash App, Century, Gameness, Hudiburg, Suples Ltd., and Zebra in continuing his fight. Please check them out. Not to mention MMA’s Cris Cyborg, Dustin Poirier and his wife Jolie have joined FFTF in their mission to fight the good fight.

We here at One Universal Circle love hearing stories of this nature! As a matter of fact, subjects such as this are just one of the reasons we decided to start this blog. Justin and his team of soldiers are a perfect example of the ultimate “Life Weapons”!

Fight For The Forgotten have prevailed in many ways however, there is always room for an extra fist. If you can spare a knuckle or two, they could really use a donation of whatever you can spare

Thank you for reading friends!!

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