Here’s Why to Choose Natural Skin Care Products Now!

Is Your Makeup Harming Your Health?

Most of us wouldn’t even think to leave the house without makeup. After all, it helps even out skin texture, blend away flaws, and accentuate our eyes. But beauty really goes more than skin deep, especially when it comes to the skin care products you choose.

Regulatory authorities like the FDA have revealed some frightening statistics on the products we use on our skin day in and day out. With these findings, it’s more important now than ever before to ditch your chemically-produced skin care products and find ones that contain natural exfoliants and ingredients to protect your health.

Why make the switch to natural skin care?

– No damaging chemicals

When your skin care products are free of harsh chemicals, something wonderful happens to your skin…the natural exfoliants improve your skin’s condition, which means you can take a less-is-more approach. Your beautiful, improved skin can shine through, all without the use of poisonous chemicals that can serve to make you sick. Check your labels and throw out anything with parabens and phthalates, each of which has been linked to cancer according to regulatory authorities like the EPA.

– Only natural fragrances

Toss out anything that simply says “fragrance” on the label. Chemical-filled cosmetics use this to term to dance around the chemical cocktail your makeup and skin care products are infused with. These toxic aromas can cause cancer, kidney damage, asthma and more, and need to be avoided. Instead, choose skin care products that use natural essential oils for a scent you’ll love that won’t harm your health.

– Ingredients that nourish

If your makeup is damaging your skin rather than nourishing it, it’s time to make the change to natural skin care lines. Look for formulations that list things like cocoa butter, white tea extract, apricot extract, or grape seed extract, to name a few, which can help prevent the breakdown of collagen to improve your skin’s condition even while under the cover of makeup.

– Guards from sun damage

Natural exfoliants are the way to go with your skin care and cosmetics. They are created with natural minerals that all give off sun protection. That doesn’t mean you should skip your sunscreen routine when you use chemical-free makeup (just make sure your sunscreen is a chemical-free formulation too) but that added boost, especially with vitamin C can really help you hold onto your youthful appearance.

In addition to being better for your skin and your overall health, chemical-free makeup is better for the environment too. If you want a better tomorrow, start by making it a better day today and choose products that do good for you and the rest of the world.

Your best beauty can be achieved with natural products that make you look and feel better. Who knew that beauty could really save the world? Read the labels and make your impact for a better you and a better planet!

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